Press The Flesh – John Talbot – Routine/Handling for Airship Magic’s Brass Coin Casket – DOWNLOAD


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IMPORTANT: Do NOT purchase this download product UNLESS you either already own a Brass Coin Casket – OR are purchasing one in tandem with this download.  

I was thrilled when I learned that Airship Magic had produced a version of the Brass Coin Casket. Versions of this have been released in the past but have become very difficult to find. I had been looking for several years with no luck. Not only has Airship Magic introduced this classic to a new audience they also produced one of the most beautiful versions of it ever! Happy Days! ☺.

Word quickly spread about this and the Magic Café now has a thread in the Latest and Greatest section devoted to this neat prop that has grown to over 21 pages and over 400 posts! There is a wonderful assortment of ideas there and encourage you to take a read. In fact, I shared the germ of this routine on the Café. It received considerable positive feedback which led to Airship Magic sourcing the additional items needed and offering them on their site. This led to packaging all the items needed together to do my routine… and of course that led to me supplying Airship Magic with my full routine “Press the Flesh”. I believe the full package has been labeled “The John Talbot Coin Casket Ensemble” … sounds a bit like an underground alternative Jazz band ;).

Obviously if you are reading this you have purchased the “ensemble” or acquired the necessary props and these instructions. At the core is Airship Magic’s Brass Coin Casket. The Casket has been precision machined to allow you to easily know if a Kennedy half dollar is either heads or tails while sealed within the casket. I am not sure what kind of voodoo magic Airship has used to make this happen… but it couldn’t be easier or more deceptive. You will learn my simple handling below.

As a standalone item the Brass Coin Casket is a great close-up trick with many possibilities. I knew I wanted to try and elevate it to a bit more of a formal performance piece, using some framing that allowed for several phases, that appeared progressively more impossible to the spectator. Bottom line I wanted to create a routine this little jewel deserves. What follows is how I am performing the Coin Casket and getting a great response… it has become a favorite piece very quickly. In the routine below my script is in black and required actions in grey. I have also included a few photos at the end of the routine to help illustrate some of the simple actions needed. Without further ado let’s get into “Press the Flesh”.

NOTE: This item does NOT come with the Coin Casket. That item is available separately from Stevens Magic. See BOTTOM of page.

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