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In fairness the first application of this gimmick I have seen was in the last 1980’s and was demonstrated to me and my father Joe, at Academie de Magie – Georges Proust office, by French Magician Gilbert Raimond. Creator of “Touch and See” as well as another effect that not similar to this but equally powerful – PREDICTA.

Vicktor Voitko has taken this application much further by allowing the performer to customize the impression they will to make as well as providing a way to do so with many other applications.  The result is a complete kit that unquestionably is one of the most powerful effects you as a performer will ever perform.  Seriously – it can be that strong.  In fact few effects can make as strong as an emotional or mind-blowing reaction as can be achieved with Print Ring.

A few memorable effects in one finger ring. The gimmick is always with you. It isn’t hidden inside your pocket, but it is a jewel on your hand. You can use the ring on any finger. The size of the Print ring should be one size bigger than the one of your ring finger.

You can choose your size ring from the following:

We have the following dimensions – Size 11 (20.5mm) Size 11 3/4″ (21mm); Size 12 3/4 (21.5mm-22mm) Size 13 1/2 (22.5mm), Size 12 3/4 22mm.

Sample Effect:

The spectator selects a card and signs it on the back. For example, it’s Ace of Hearts. The spectator holds out his hand and you put the card on the palm. The spectator is focused on the center of the card, on the Hearts sign. The heart, the sign of the Hearts, disappears from the card and appears on the spectator’s palm. Then, you continue the trick by making this heart disappear from the hand of the chosen spectator and appear on the hand of another one. If you wish, this trick can be reproduced many times.

Other Possible Effects:

You draw “X” or “V” on the outside of the spectator’s hand, then you make this sign to disappear and throw it into the air. And the spectator catches it with his own hand. Finally, this sign turns out to appear on the spectator’s palm. Then, you can make this sign “travelling” from the hand of the chosen spectator and appearing on the hand of another one. If you want, you can repeat this trick several times with different spectators.

  • An easy sleight to execute
  • Smart and practical Self-charging
  • NO recharging is required
  • Can be performed while surrounded by spectators

This set includes:

  • Special gimmicked Finger Ring – (based on size availability).
  • Marker – 5 pcs Special cards ( one red back and one blue back)
  •  2 pcs Special gimmick for card
  •  1 pcs Special ink
  • 2 bottles Extra print mark – 15 pcs

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Ring Sizes

USA 11 – 20.5mm, USA 11 3/4 – 21mm, USA 12 3/4 – 22mm, USA 13 1/2 – 22.5mm, USA 12 3/4 – 22mm

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