Prison Box – Tenyo/Angelo Carbone – Estate Nelson


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Trotter Stamp

Effect: Allow your spectator to completely examine a case that is divided into three rooms, and have him screw three metal nuts and bolts into the case. Your spectator locks his own finger ring onto one of the end bolts. A transparent cover is slid onto the case so that the ring is impossible to remove. However, when you cover the box briefly with a handkerchief, the ring has magically jumped onto the middle bolt.

This trick requires no practice. There are three rooms inside of the case, and the ring is really locked into one room by a metal bolt. Despite these impossible conditions, the ring instantaneously jumps into the middle room. Even after examining the props, there is absolutely no way for your spectator to figure out this diabolical secret.  Note this item does NOT come with packaging. 

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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