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An SME Exclusive! This new model gives you the flexibility to produce a variety different products including the traditional wine bottle, wine glass, candle stand and rose vase, or you can produce a bowl overflowing with fruit, or a bowl of water which is the perfect intro to the sands of the dessert. This with out a doubt the most incredible production table ever produced!

Two of our Production Tables in one. An excellent start for different magic routines. The different objects appear on an absolutely empty table in one second. Yes, it’s true: one second. Now you do not have to buy two of the tables, if you want to appear 4 different object on the table and also to appear three glasses for Sands of The Desert trick on this table. Now you only need to buy one table. You can appear on this table four objects in different parts of the table, as in the version The Production Table v.1 and you can appear three items in one place and the vase for Sands of The Desert trick , as in the version The Production Table v.2

You get more opportunities with this table.

This Production Table Set includes:

  • the production table
  • the fake bottlethe glass for wine
  • the candle in the candlestick
  • the vase with a fake rose
  • the three special glasses. The height of the glass is about 6.7″ or 17 cm.
  • the vase is made from glass. The height of the vase is 3.3″ or 8,5 cm. The diameter of the vase is 9.8″ or 25 cm.
  • the two shawls
  • the downloading video instruction
  • the protective bag for shipping

The description of the The Production Table Set:

  • The table is made of the polished aluminum with brass connectors.
  • The table’s legs are untwisted to 5 parts and have brass connectors.
  • No electronics.
  • Height of a table is 35.4″ or 90 cm
  • The size of a table-top is 20.4″ x 16.5″or 52cm*42cm
  • The weight with a bag is about 24 lbs., 10,5 kg

Note: This item is not constantly fabricated and therefore, there can be an approximate 4 week delivery time.  

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