Production Table – Viktor Voitko V.1 DLX – Exclusive


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NOTE: Shipping is only $12.50 worldwide! Note: Please allow up to 4-6 weeks fabrication. Sometimes we can ship immediately, but as a rule, allow for 4-6 weeks.

Optional Kit that allows you to do DO variations – available at additional price:

It is extremely rare when we at Stevens Magic run across an effect that is as much fun to perform as it is to watch. This Classy effect is such an item! You have to see the video to believe the lightning fast production of the items on top of a beautiful and empty table!

The performer may at any time during his act remove the final item from his smooth, empty table top. At this point, the table is covered with a black satin foulard, flat on the empty table and when whipped away, in a second, the table is filled with items ready for a nice formal dinner. This looks absolutely impossible as the speed of the production is amazing! The magicians body never comes close to the table!

The items may then be removed from the table and used for the next effect if desired. This is strong enough to be a stand alone act or part of a longer routine. These items include a candle and holder, (you may use a vanishing candle if you like.) a wine bottle and champagne glass, (you may use your favorite airborne routine) and a rose in a beautiful vase. (Why not perform the floating rose routine?) The possibilities are up to your imagination and may be even be performed 3/4 surrounded with the special cloth cover!

This wonderfully decorated prop makes it possible that the items may be replaced with other items of your choice making it easy to “theme” a different program. This can be simply and easily reset for the next show in one minute!
Even when we saw the gaff on this table, we were amazed by the elaborate detail and quality in which this was designed and built. This is made to last for a lifetime of performances. The table does all the work!

This effect looks as much like real magic as anything we offer. This is a great investment as Victor has done all the work and detail to bring you the most amazing and easy to perform appearance on the market today! This is not for everyone but for the most astute performer. This effect has been a reputation maker for Victor Voitko as he is considered to be one of the most creative performers in the world.

Comes with “extra” gimmicks that allow you to change out the items produced on the table for other “like sized” items that YOU can choose!

We provide you with the quality, well built, sturdy table, accessories, custom made protective carry case to contain every single piece, (for easy transport and set up) and the instruction so that you may place this great effect in your next show! Nothing has been left out. Reviewed by Shawn Reida – Stevens Magic Emporuim

Note: Please allow up to 4-6 weeks fabrication. Sometimes we can ship immediately, but as a rule, allow for 4-6 weeks.  For a limited time – only $12.50 Shipping World Wide!eProduction Table

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