Prohibition by Charlie Justice -2 DVD set – Estate – Primi

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Imagine being able to…

Openly, instantly and visually penetrate a sealed bottle with a cap and immediately show your hand empty!
Well imagine no more! With Prohibition you’ll be able to do this with:

No preparation to the bottle.

The bottle can be any color or transparency.

The bottle and cap may be borrowed.

Everything is completely examinable before and after the effect.

As close to special FX as you can get… LIVE

Charlie Justice and Jeff Pierce Magic are relaunching their hit DVD “Prohibition: The Ultimate Cap in Bottle Effect”. Since its initial release in 2006, Prohibition has been a best seller and allows magicians around the world to perform the cap in bottle effect seemingly impromptu! No longer needed is the setup time involved with other cap in bottle effects. Simply walk up to someone, borrow their bottle and perform a miracle right before their very eyes. This has become the legacy of Prohibition.

Charlie Justice has not stood on his laurels. He has taken all the things that made Prohibition great like the impromptu nature of the effect, the ability to borrow any bottle and to have everything examined before and after and come up with some new ideas and moves to make the Cap Trap effect even better, and it’s FREE!!!

Included with every Prohibition DVD is a second bonus DVD called “Prohibition Provisions”. On this full DVD you’ll find:

Hints and Tips

Ideas on bringing your own using a borrowed bottle

The Perfect Holdouts

Increasing the power of your PK ring

Using other items besides the bottle cap

Additional Ideas

The Instant Re-Do

Signed Cap in Bottle

“Ninja Moves”

The Ninja Pinch

The Ninja Stab

Killer Bonus Ideas
The Coin Accomplice

The Sobriety Test

Ninja Fold #1

Ninja Fold #2/Full Cap in Bottle

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