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Grab Them At This Introductory Bonus Pack Price!  The Power of the Sun in your Thumb! This product is NOT eligible for any coupons or SME specials. 

Once again Marc has achieved a milestone. Everything is improved from “as from a performance standpoint” – already perfect. Featuring state-of-the-art illumination technology, and Marc’s revolutionary charging system. Yet it is even BETTER! Now you can get a SET of two Prolights for LESS than what one original unit sold for. The latest, greatest up-to-date bonus pack is guaranteed to provide your audience with jaw dropping expressions and a lot of laughter. All carried easily in your pocket – ready to go spontaneously. Once you use Prolights, it’s like flying first class – you can’t go back! Intrigued but have not seen this product before, I guarantee you will be impressed.

The burst of visual luminosity that these new units generate is nothing short of remarkable. Many times, when I have introduced the light in the daytime at trade shows, I literally see spectators squint because of its remarkable power. Its system overload for the brain. It is such an unexpected WOW! If you really want to ramp up the wattage – perform these with the lights down. Words simply cannot do justice to how much more amazing the classic light up thumb tip is capable of with these incredibly bright lights.

Professionally engineered, assembled with the highest quality components. There is NOTHING bulky about it. I have pitched these at conventions on one charge over the course of several days.

The term brilliant can easily be applied to this product – both in its function, design and in a state of brilliant light. If you enjoy a healthy debate, one could be who was the first artist to employ illumination into a thumb tip? The answer usually comes down to who and where you ask that question. Take man made flight – as in the airplane. Ask almost any US Citizen who invented flight and you will get an immediate answer with defiance – “The Wright brothers.” Go farther south, in fact quite a bit farther to Brazil and ask the same question and just as quickly you will get your answer – only it will be Alberto Santo-Dumont. Of course, in the case of the illuminated thumb tip the usual answers are (in alphabetical order), Juan Mayoral or Rocco Silano.

However, as far as who took this novel idea, which is quite possibly the top selling magic effect of all time and improved exponentially the answer is Marc Antoine. Marc Antoine singly handedly took the top selling magic effect of all time and improved it exponentially several years back. To this day there have been numerous others that tried to replicate his Pro Lights but truthfully none of them came close. At that time component parts of this nature were expensive.

Copyrighted 05/26/2021 – Stevens Magic Emporium.

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