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The PROline Vanishing Dove Cage features one of the smoothest and classic chassis in the art of magic.   PROline was noted for adding superior cosmetic elegance in addition to it’s unapparelled internal mechanism and operations.

This is likely the last one!  Proline is moving in different directions.  Yet there is no substitute for the visual beauty of dove magic on a stage or large parlor setting.  In fact omitting a classic effect such as this from a full stage show should be a crime!  In fact the great Stan Kramien – his son Rick who is right not in the process of rolling out a traveling magic show in an effort to target family entertainment has a section devoted to dove magic.  If you’re thinking about adding such a streamlined classic illusion to your show, one that provides grace a taste to the classics – you would do well to give this product serious thought!

If you have always wanted OR have been waiting to purchase a PROcage Dove Cage Vanish…NOW is the time! This item has never been in stock due to demand. Grab it now before it is gone! It may be your last chance.

  • Holds 6 doves
  • Cage has a floor
  • One move vanish incorporating a locking lever feature
  • Considered by many to be the best cage vanish ever offered

Important:  I have provided several images of this product that we have sold in the past.  Photo showing Red and Black cloth covering is for illustration purposes only.   Due to the size of the package, the need for insurance, and signature confirmation upon delivery additional shipping cost will be required above and beyond what is calculated at checkout.  Total shipping in the lower 48 is estimated to be about $75.


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