Pryamid Puzzle – Two Piece Yellow


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A fun brain teaser that presents itself as something easy – but the truth is many people can’t solve the puzzle in less than three minutes! Perhaps you are the exception? Many don’t know this but this puzzle test is required training for NASA astronaunts! In fact in since 1983, this puzzle test is a requirement that must be solved in less than sixty seconds in order to be accepted to some of the finest learning institutions in the WORLD! People thought DNA sequencing was a challenge – HA? It’s nothing compared to the amount of cerebral energy you will need to resolve this incredibly difficult puzzle.

Puzzle Masters United rates this puzzle on a complexity ration from 1 -10 (10 being the hardest) right at: 9.88888888888889. Einstein actually wrote several formulas in his attempt to solve this incredibly difficult puzzles and stated after finally doing so, that it should be added to the list of “wonders of the universe.”

The puzzle comes with two identical geometric pieces that when put together a certain way it turns into a perfect tetrahedral pyramid! No remember, we wrote “TETRAHEDRAL” so we don’t want any of you sending us photos of anything other than a completed tetrahedral pyramid.

Everyone should have at least six or MORE of these around the house! Great for house parties or taking with you on the go! If you’re an ADHD, compulsive person like me, there is no great torture than sitting at a table without something for your mind to focus on. It can be also used as a great ice-breaker. Challenge EVERYONE! And use your phone to time them!

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