PSI-DECK – 2 Deck Set by Bruce Bernstein – Schostag Estate


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My take on the famous “Tossed Out Deck”, but so diabolically clever, it will fool anyone familiar with the original.

Max Maven: “If Machiavelli had wanted to do card mentalism, he might have come up with something like Bruce Bernstein’s PSI-DECK — but he probably wouldn’t have had the patience to make the gaffs.”

Larry Becker: “Unreservedly recommended. Outstanding…a beautiful product.”

Craig Karges: “With a combination of principles and an ingeniously constructed deck, Bruce has put together a wonderful routine with PSI-DECK. It is inexplicable and what mentalism with cards should look like – simple, direct, and baffling.”

Ford Kross: “Regular readers of mine, are aware of my antipathy to card tricks. So, if I rave about one, I must really be impressed. Such is the case with Bruce Bernstein’s PSI-DECK.”

“Dave Hoy’s Tossed-Out deck is already a classic, but imagine this improvement. A deck of cards is fanned and shown to appear normal. Three participants are freely selected. As in Hoy’s classic, a rubberbanded deck of cards is given to #1, he looks at one card. The same deck is given to #2, same procedure. You are able to name the cards looked at and even tell who has which, unlike Hoy’s effect, they have different cards. With the third participant, you remove an envelope and place it in sight, the slowly dealing from the same deck on to the table, you ask them to tell you when to stop. After the chosen card is shown, they open the envelope and reveal that you’ve correctly predicted it.”
“As you might think, this is not an ordinary deck. Bruce has produced a beautiful gimmicked deck that is extremely versatile.”

Richard Busch (author of Peek Performances): “PSI-DECK is beyond my inadequate words altogether. After two participants each hold the cards themselves (!) and each peek a card, a card is CLEANLY dealt that matches a premonition that was in plain view beforehand. You can instantly name both peeked cards and hit on the premonition. No switching, no switching predictions, no switching anything, I mean nothing. If this isn’t stunning and direct, then I don’t know what is. Considering the incredible, unbelievable, time consuming workmanship involved in this creation, Bruce’s decks are well worth the investment. More!”

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