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From Mark Edward. The new expanded edition of PSI-LINES. This version has dozens of new lines collected in the intervening years that have passed since the original edition came out in 1997. All the original quotes are here with the addition of many from recent books, writings and essays I have written for The Ghost Story Society, The Altar Flame, Fate Magazine, Vibrations and other publications. The original was a qualified success as documented by the enclosed review and others in print around the world. If you have ever wracked your brain trying to come up with just the right words to say while scripting a seance or while caught in an after-show conversation with a group of inquiring minds – look no further. In this book you will find comments, quotes and quips that cover everything supernatural from ghosts and mediumship to telepathy and psychic readings. Many are tried and true tested because in several cases, I have used them myself for over twenty-five years! These have become convincing parts of my performance dialogue, elevating many a mundane effect into miracle status. Wherever possible each quote is referenced by the actor or personage who spoke the line followed by the name and date of the original material, whether it be a film, radio or literary source. If you liked the quoted passages in SENSE AND SEANCE and don’t already own this book, you will surely be delighted to find over 200 choice bits of verbal deception that will sharpen any mentalism routine or enhance any storytelling magic, including 44 answers to the most frequently asked question of the professional medium: “… Do you believe in ghosts?”

It’s all here, including an expanded film, television and radio resource guide that will allow the reader to easily access the original source material from local video and classic radio outlets. Printed in an easy to read 20 pt. Trebuchet MS font on 20 lb. gold parchment, PSI-LINES is 96 duplex printed 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ pages, black coil bound cover on gray marble cardstock illustrated plus covered in clear plastic.

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