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Scheduled launch late November 2018!

As asethically beautiful as the effect is stunning. The magic of art blended with aesthetics – this is where art, style, and beauty merges with magic.  Dave Powell continues with his successful Victorian product line with this forthcoming release.

Completely Examinable. It’s even handled by the spectator! This isn’t some kind of “thumper device” or vibration system, you actually see the number the clock was set to visibly. That’s right –  you are provided with your cue “visually” in such a way that is hidden to the audience and in real time when you hit the remote.

Basic Effect: A beautiful Victorian clock with just one hand is shown and handed to a spectator. The magician then displays 12 jumbo bicycle cards representing the hours on a clock – one through twelve with the queen representing the number 12.

While the magicians back is turned the spectator can set the clock to any desired time. The magician (if so desired), can immediately turn around and instantly remove the card that is the same number which is now displayed on the clock.

If you want to see what happens and what you see hidden from the audience when you press the remote view additional photo illustrating in this example a spectator placing the hand on at 12 o’clock.

Of course the above quick summary of the effect is designed so you can quickly digest the benefit.  That stated, a much more elaborate routine, where-by it is creatively sequenced with other effects such that one could culminate a more powerful PUNCH is highly suggested.  Of course, it can be performed exactly as stated above – but the key is to add some creativity, mix it with other effects that involve audience participation where-by the finale could be such that a revelation of possibly three different predictions (either using only the Pyschic Clock or adding a Stage Size Sven Pad and other like items for example).

This can be repeated indefinitely and it is foolproof.  Of course – you don’t need to use the cards, you can just name the number if you wish or reveal it with a prediction!


Crafted from one of the premiere woods – Walnut the base and the stand is elegance refined in every way.  Finally a magic effect your wife won’t mind resting on the mantle.  Measures 13 inches tall.  Can be performed in any venue:

  • Close up
  • Parlor
  • Stage

Comes with the custom crafted piece crafted by one of the best wood craftsman in the art – Dave Powell. 

  • 12 Jumbo Bicycle Cards and Burlap Carrying Bag Included, Remote control.

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