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The second in the series of affordable electronic magic from Eclipse Electronics. This is Mental Die Prediction—and I don’t know which is better: the EFFECT or the incredible VALUE. Either way, you WIN! This is an effect that has been marketed for many years, yet it always seems to sell well. Often, regardless of the version, they are only available for a specific period of time. The new reading system is as natural as wearing a watch, and gives new meaning to the term “smart watch.” Effect in its most basic form… The spectator is handed the die and a cube and is asked to place any number they choose on top. The mentalist/magician need not even be in the room, but if so desired, they can simply cover up the unit afterward with a cloth or other object.

The magician holds up his or her hand, fingers spread outward, mimicking picking up on the spectator’s mind waves. He can either write his prediction on a piece of paper (that can be divulged immediately) or preferably later, using this effect as a “means to an end” in collaboration with a more impressive sequence routine. The point being, the performer knows exactly what number the spectators chose.

Effect can be repeated.  Comes with everything seen in this photo and MORE! You get full charging station and cords and detailed instructions. Band should remain on watch when “NOT” performing in strategic position to maintain battery life and charging instructions included. This is a lot of product for such a great price. The purpose of this exclusive line is to provide an affordable electronic magic range to our customers. Eclipse has and continues to do a good job filling that void. Look for more from them soon. Incredible Price!

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