Psychic Mafia – M. Lamar Keene


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Must have reading for anyone interested in getting into the world of spiritualism and mysticism.  Do a quick search to see what this book is selling for these days and you will be surprised! 

M. Lamar Keene, who came to be known as the “Prince of the Spiritualists,” enjoyed the riches and fame that accompany the life of a sought-after medium. He claimed to be clairvoyant and to produce objects out of thin air. He conducted seances in which participants talked with and even touched the dead. Yet every miracle Keene performed was a fraud, a lie, and a trick played on willing, gullible victims. In this powerful and brutally honest book, Keene exposes the secrets of the séance room, including ghostly apparitions, floating trumpets, “spirit sex,” and other tricks used by mediums to exploit believers. Originally published in 1976 and long out of print, this classic work is a fast-paced autobiographical account of a confessed charlatan who was one of the first mediums to admit his deception.

The discovery of the story of Lamar Keene and his remarkable life began when William V. Rauscher contacted Keene and conducted 75 hours of interviews not including visits to investigate Spiritualist Camps, preparing written reports, contacting publishers, writing the foreword and the extensive bibliography assembled from his own research library. The selection of a publisher and their desire to have researcher, writer, Allen Spraggett prepare the final manuscript resulted in one of the great classic books of psychical research. In addition to his research Rauscher’s pastoral help to Keene averted the mediums plan to commit suicide. Keen was later successful in several business ventures and he never returned to mediumship. Lamar Keene died June 11, 1996. His story is a testament to the underworld of fake mediumship and the intriguing life of a man known as the “Prince of Spiritualism.”

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