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Most mentalists know Millard Longman as the inventor of “Acidus Novus”, the legendary billet peek considered by many to be the best ever created. What many don’t know is that Millard also has a deep background in NLP and hypnosis, and has been teaching workshops in developing psychic skills since 1990. This booklet, one of a series Millard initially created for sale at his self-help workshops, teaches techniques to: establish and maintain rapport with anyone, understand another person’s needs and ideas, get others to understand your needs and ideas, communicate with your own subconscious mind, sense and read psychic energy (The Human Aura), and hypnotize yourself for relaxation, healing, and mind expansion.

This is NOT a book of tricks. In fact, it’s not a book at all–it’s a detailed set of notes that provide a overview of these areas of NLP, hypnosis, and aura readings that can both give you techniques to use in your everyday life as well as a good source for discussion with audience members (especially those who come up inquiring about your abilities after the show). Lots of performers these days try to sell what they do as NLP or real psychic abilities, but sadly few of them really know anything about those areas. Millard’s booklet is a good start on having a firm basis for your presentations!

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