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Imagine a small group of spectators clustered around a 12-sided table top, beautifully constructed of select hardwoods! The magician or psychic instructs the spectators to gently place their fingertips on the outside top edge of the table top. The magician or psychic informs the spectators to concentrate on a question as he invokes the spirits from the great beyond!

“Oh spirits of the departed, please make contact with us from the land of the unknown. We have questions that need to be answered. Do you hear our plea? If so, please make your presence known to us”! As the spectators huddle around the table, the tension mounts. Can the spirits actually return? Slowly, the table begins to move.

No, an inanimate object surely could not move. As the spectators question their senses, the table slowly tips to one side! Could that possibly happened? YES! The spectators may look under the table and see that one leg has clearly lifted from the floor. The ethereal spirits have made their presence known! As the table settles back to the floor, the magician psychic introduces a wooden planchette to be used to be used to receive answers to questions asked of the obliging spirits.

The table top is designed like an Ouija Board and the performer’s paranormal routine continues as desired. The principle behind table tipping, Ouija Boards, dowsing and swinging pendulums has been known since the early 19th Century. In 1852, psychologist and physiologists William Benjamin Carpenter coined the term “IDEOMOTOR ACTION” to explain such phenomena.

IDEOMOTOR ACTIONS ARE UNCONSCIOUS, involuntary motor movements performed by a person because of prior expectations, suggestions or preconceptions. What is purely physiological; however, appears to some to be paranormal!

There are absolutely NO gimmicks involved. The table’s construction facilitates the movements brought about by the IDEOMOTOR ACTIONS OF THE PARTICIPANTS.

Excellent prop for the working magician and psychic performers. Two effects are possible-Spirit Tilting and Ouija Board.

Wonderful carrying case to protect all parts. No gimmicks at all. Table (assembled) is 30-inches tall. Maximum diameter of table top is 22-inches. Legs are made of solid oak, legs are also easy to remove. Table is sturdy enough to place moderately heavy items on top.

Table top has symbols for three possible answers-Yes-No-Maybe (for use with the Ouija Planchette). Table is finished with nine coats of high quality lacquer to prolong wear. Planchette is handmade of solid red mahogany-plus there is only “Seeing EYE”. A great effect you can do right in your family room.

Wonderful for stage, parlor or close up. Has the look of mystery. Every table is designed and personally handcrafted and finished by Louie Gaynor in his shop. Comes with everything you need to perform this wonderful effect, as well as a carrying case and detailed instructions.


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