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The only book of its kind from Chuck Leach! A magician’s guide to magical movements of objects with magnets! Psychokinesis – Controlling Physical Objects with the Mind, a Magician’s Guide to the Magical Movement of Objects.

Excellent material that centers around magic with magnets. 50 routines offered that you can do. Fabulous psychic effects…Intriguing spirit effects…Excellent routines for card and coin effects.

Here is what you will learn: • Shimming • Concealment & Handling Tips • Magnetic Reed Switches • PK Effects At The Table • PK Effects Standing • PK Electronic Effects • Miscellaneous Effects • Non-Magnet Effects.

Plus detailed handling, concealment and safety tips for utilizing powerful PK magnets, plus information on micro magnets and non-magnetic methods. Full explanations for effects at the table, standing and routines that happen on a spectator’s hand! Many new routines, plus elaborations on classic effects.

Detailed for the first time: The construction of an examinable PK Tip Over Block, a secret that has been closely guarded for nearly 2 decades! Also learn how to make a Polter Light (light bulb that turns on magically), Psychic Nail Bender (a spirit bends a nail under a hanky), Psychic Radio (turns on or off by mental power), PK Wooden Match (that stands in a spectator’s hand), PK Topit and many more.

There are effects with coins, playing cards, a compass, feather, stamp, matches, stick of gum, dollar bills, silverware, watches, PK Rattle Box, Tip Over Pencil, brass rings, spring and ring puzzle, a chain, pendulums, electronic effects and many, many more!

Pages 96 – Spiral bound, Photo-Illustrated

Do more than just magic effects…mystify your audience with impossible magic tricks!

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