Psychological Force Pin – Brett Barry – (PRODUCT) FREE with any purchase $30+


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This item FREE ONLY with the purchase of any order $30 or more. You MUST add this item to your cart – it is NOT given automatically.  That stated this pin is SPECIFICALLY designed to be used with a SvenPad® from the Brett Barry line.   Post purchase, you will have access to the video download via a link and the physical product will be mailed to you (assuming you also purchase at min. $30 of regular non-discounted products).  Only one pin per order, other limitations may apply. No valid for discounted items, Estate items, antiques and/or clearance products/

Here is your chance to score this fantastic little accessory that amps up an already powerful utility product line – Brett Barry’s SvenPad® product range. No one has taken this concept into the next generation and beyond like Brett, and like any good product developer – the development NEVER stops! When we saw these pins we wanted to share them with our clients and are happy to say that Brett Barry has provided us with an ample amount of this high quality pin that serves up an incredible finale!

The pin can be worn and in the event anyone notices it – it reads Hello! A spectator even if they are consciously aware of it – doesn’t think about it for another second, but the fact is this little innocent label pin will in fact reveal an incredibly mind-boggling revelation that will ABSOLUTELY leave your spectators thinking you are the greatest mentalist off all time! As when the pin is turned over, it now reads a particular time – 7:37 which ends up being the time selected randomly by a spectator, with a free choice. But that is only half of the effect – Brett’s routine along with it makes it a Mentalism TKO! You may have to help your audience members back to their feet when you slay them with this Mental Miracle Knock Out Punch!

Good performers know how to take effects to maximum levels.  Brett shows how to achieve this goal using this valuable and powerful tiny little accessory device PLUS his personal tried and tested routine. On the short video tutorial Brett not only explains all the details behind the pin, he also shares some personal tips in the form of those “oh so important” subtle nuisances which are the definitions of “Psychological Subtleties.” Brett provides you with a fantastic visual detailing how to utilize this little gem to it’s max.

While the KoD Pads are used in the video, you could use any other product from the SvenPad® family (as long as the pads are blank).

A little about the pin itself. It’s very high quality and is even MAGNETIC!  This is an advantage because you can easily secure it from getting lost by affixing it to a magnet when not in use.  As we all know, these are easy to loose, so it’s nice that it also has this strong magnetic property. It is absolutely constructed to LAST, as you will agree.

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