Psychophysiological Thought Reading-Banachek (Book)


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This book is literally two books in one. On one side is How To Read People’s Minds or Mystery of Mind Reading Revealed by H. J. Burlingame (80 pages). Then you flip the book over and read it from the other side and you have Psychophysiological Thought Reading or Muscle Reading and the Ideomotor Response Revealed by Banachek (100 pages).

H. J. Burlingame’s “How To Read People’s Minds” is a reprint from the 1907 paperback edition that includes some history on muscle reading and how it works. There is also a fascinating section on training your dog on how to read minds.

Nearly a century later, Banachek’s book “Psychophysiological Thought Reading” will not only cover more details on the history of muscle reading, but he will teach updated effects using muscle reading as it is performed today by Kreskin, Derren Brown, and of course, Banachek, himself among others.

These effects are used onstage, close-up, routined or impromptu. Once you learn and practice the secret of muscle reading, it will be like riding a bicycle. You’ll have the “feel” and never forget it.

Banachek’s book also covers Pendulums, Spirit Contact (Ouija Boards, etc.), Table Tilting and Dowsing Rods. A scholarly look at a very old yet little used principle.

Psychophysiological Thought Reading will be the final word on contact mind reading.

There are several illustrations in both Burlingame’s and Banachek’s book, but the new ones are drawn by Earl Oakes.

180 pages with a laminated cover and approximately 5 1/2 x 8-inches.

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