Pull Top (DVD and Gimmick) by Mr. Maric – Trick


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Imagine, taking two borrowed soda pull tops and visibly linking them together or having them link in a spectators hand! Just as easily, you visibly unlink the pull tops and hand them back out for full examination! This is just one of the many effects that are possible with Mr. Maric’s Pull Top.


· Linking 2 Pull Tops

· Linking 3 Pull Tops

· Pull Top thru Straw

· Pull Top thru Fork

· Pull Top thru Hand Vanishing

· Pull Top from Shoelace

· Stretching Pull Top (bonus effect)


· Repeat Instantly.

· No Difficult Sleight.

· Perform Surrounded.

· Items are examinable.

· Any pull top in the world can be used.

· Even a pull top from a spectators drink can be used.


Gimmicks, DVD (English & Japanese).

Effects and handling are clearly explained by Mr. Maric.


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