Pulled Extreme, RED by Alan Rorrison


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Pull off, then restore a can tab in an incredibly visual way. Easy to do and can be done completely surrounded. A one time, simple set up that you can use with your desired can. Comes in Red or Silver. This is the RED Version.

This is Pulled Extreme. Created by the brilliant mind of Alan Rorrison, well known for the popular effect “Smoke” and his consultancy work for Dynamo and Troy. This trick is profoundly mind-blowing; you restore a torn tab from a can in an incredibly visual way! Super easy to do so that you can focus on your presentation. Anyone can perform it AND perform surrounded!

Once you receive your beautiful, custom-made package, with ONLY 3 minutes for a one-time set up, you are ready to go with any drink can of your choice. We promise that the method and the simplicity of the trick will WOW you. Performed and explained in a crystal clear manner by Francis Ang, a professional magician from Singapore. Grab your favorite drink and perform Pulled Extreme.

“Alan did it again! Pulled Extreme is visual, organic and extremely stunning!”Hanson Chien

Disclaimer: Commercial rights are reserved for Pulled Extreme, including but not limited to TV and web shows.  Required:  finish watching the tutorial before handling your gimmick.  No returns if due to misuse. By purchasing this product, you agree to the disclaimer.

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