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The performer displays a stack of five square blocks each positioned on a pole with the largest block at the bottom and the smallest on top and representing a step pyramid of Djoser. The stack is now covered with the decorated tube, which is then turned over and entirely inverting it. The performer now rotates the Pharaohs head on the tube the right-way up, snaps his fingers and immediately removes the tube. To the spectator’s surprise, the blocks are mysteriously positioned the same way as before with the largest one at the bottom and the smallest on top! How can the blocks change places inside the tube? It’s a truly diabolical effect.

This beautiful magic effect has been inspired by the following previous creations. Mystery of the Pyramids by Don Potts, Mystery of the Pyramids Outdone by Wellington Enterprises and Uprising by Clarence Miller. The effect can also be repeated as many times as the performer desires and all of the blocks may be shown separate while on the pole before and after each turn over sequence.

Pyramid of Djoser measures approximately 8cms square and stands 13cms tall. The largest block at the bottom is nearly 6.5cms square and the smallest at the top is 2.5cms square. All of the blocks measure approximately 1.8cms thick.

Because of the method involved and the long artistic manufacturing process, it has taken over 8 months to complete this release and it is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed effects we have ever produced. The photos really do not do justice to this very elaborate piece of magic apparatus!

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