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Pyramid + Mummy + Sarcophagus = BUMA Original Egyptian Thaumaturgy! (An original BUMA Mummy Metamorphosis).

Exclusive to Stevens Magic Emporium- Pyramid & Sarcophagus Mysterium – Original Stevens Magic Emporium advertised price $495.00 – BUMA one-time SPECIAL $350.00  Very Limited Availability. 

(An original BUMA Mummy Metamorphosis)

Effect: Performer introduces an Egyptian pyramid resting on a table. The pyramid is lifted up to reveal an ancient empty sarcophagus resting on the richly adorned tomb floor.
The performer removes an ancient Egyptian parchment and from it takes a desecrated and decomposed mummy and places it into the empty sarcophagus. The tomb floor of the pyramid is covered with the pyramid and given to a spectator to hold. With a flourish of the parchment paper over the pyramid, the pyramid lid is lifted and reveals that the desecrated mummy has now transformed itself into a resurrected “gem encrusted opulent golden mummy.”

The pyramid, sarcophagus and golden mummy are now left in the hands of the spectator to their bewilderment, for all can be freely handled by the audience.
A completely original approach to the classic Wandering Mummy effect, incorporating many new magical elements and features.

  • PYRAMID measures approximately 4 x 4.25 x 4.25-inches.
  • MUMMIES measure approximately 1.75-inches in length.
  • Inset with Austrian Swaroviski crystals onto the Golden Mummy and antique hand patina applied to the Aged Mummy.
  • PYRAMID TOMB FLOOR measures approximately 4 x 4 x 4-inches.
  • SARCOPHAGUS measures approximately 2-inches in length and features hand inlet hieroglyphics.
  • PARCHMENT measures approximately 7 x 3.5-inches closed on specially printed, bound and aged vellum.
  • Pyramid, tomb floor, sarcophagus and parchment— all feature hand-crafted and applied custom transfer “decals” and pigment in the tradition of Okito.
  • Designed and hand crafted in the USA by BUMA of House Of Magic.
  • Limited availability.

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1 review for Pyramid & Sarcophagus Mysterium – Buma

  1. JONATHAN TODD (verified owner)

    Buma hits it out of the park with this tiny miracle. It is really sweet. Totally unusual and a real fooler. With a touch of tinkering (5 min) you can show the INSIDE of the pyramid BEFORE anything happens as well. This is a close up miracle that plays great for laymen and magicians alike. Simple to do and not as obvious as it appears in the demo video. I love it and the craftsmanship is beyond superb. Highly recommended for practicality and for collection.

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