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Note: Product Required Additional Shipping FOB from Berlin above and beyond what is charged at Checkout.  We will contact you post-purchase.  Estimated Shipping Time approx. 3-4 weeks.

We’ve sold a lot of Qble Basic’s and had requests for the Qble compact.  For those that need a smaller table – this could be the perfect fit!  And with Spider Quality – you know it’s something you can count on!

Spider Products Germany is synonymous with exceptional quality and design. The idea behind product development at Spider is to create seamless products that naturally blend with other spider products, but at the same, stand-alone independently. Whether you already own a spider backdrop or table – or this is your first purchase of a Spider product – you will be equally served well.

This new Qble is a streamlined device that does double-duty as both a table and a storage space. The Qble comes in two different styles (Basic and Compact) – this page represents the COMPACT Qble. The tabletop, shield and shelf are foldable. The framework breaks down to 1 meter (22″) (56cm) long.

The Qble sets up in less than a minute. Everything packs small and unfolds quick and easy. There are no tools or screws involved. The cube is closed on three sides and open on the back. This provides an optimum compartment for all the props you need during your act. Use it to pick-up loads or to get rid of gimmicks whenever you need to.

The large Tabletop (20″X20″) is covered with carpet and makes a great working surface. The Qble is very sturdy and supports amazing loads of up to 100 lbs (50Kgs) – though it weighs only 12 (6 Kgs) pounds. The Qble basic is suited with lockable casters and the tabletop connects magnetically to the frame (pretty cool).

Compared to the Qble basic, the Qble compact packs even smaller. The table base not only folds but also packs down to half its length (22 “; 53 cm) for most compact packaging. The Qble is an entirely new designed magic table. It consists of a folding base and an compartment you can put on top.

It takes less than a minute to assemble to table. No tools necessary. The box compartment holds the props for your act and also serves as a topit. The foldable tabletop (50 x 50 cm 20 x 20”) is covered with carpet and makes a nice working surface. It connects magnetically to the supporting framework. The Qble is suited with 4 lockable casters.  Item comes with Bags.

Note: Refer to the “smaller” sized table to the right – in the product image.  The Qble Basic is also available at Stevens Magic Emporium.



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