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Available Again! An innovative twist on a staple of magic. This one will grab you and make your audience sit up and pay attention! The comedic value is obvious as you cautiously link and unlink the barbed wire rings, wearing heavy-duty work gloves! Ouch-The rings get stuck on your gloves. Oops-the barbs just linked your clothing to your spectator’s. Just as the Linking Rings is a classic magic effect the Linking Barbed Wire Rings are destined to be a classic comedy magic effect. Complete with gloves, Locking Barbed Wire Key and two other


The magician promises to perform a classic feat of magic – the Linking Rings – but with a twist (literally). He brings out three rings fashioned from barbed wire. In order to safely handle the rings, he dons heavy-duty work gloves. However one of the barbs gets caught on the gloves, so the magician removes the gloves and attempts to manipulate the rings barehanded. As the routine progresses, the barbs get caught on the performer’s jacket, the skin on his thumb, and a spectator’s clothes, as well. The magician finally manages to link the rings into a chain of three, bringing the routine to a successful (and painless) conclusion. The special barbed wire rings invented by Hughie O’Neill and extra gimmicks supplied enable you to perform this mysterious and entertaining routine without any risk of injury or damage to your clothes or your spectator’s. Terry Seabrooke was generous enough to allow us to include his personal routine that he first performed at the Magic Castle in 1995. EXCERPT from Mr. Seabrooke’s routine: Get a male spectator on stage to help you. Have him stand to your left. Talk about presenting one of the classics of magic. The famous Linking Ring trick where steel rings melt into each other in an amazing way and link together. “Unfortunately I’ve misplaced my set of rings, but I did find these…” Most of the fun in this routine comes from the many ways you get stuck to these “deadly” rings! On your gloves (included) bare hands, on your clothes- even on your unsuspecting audience-member assistant’s clothes! The possibilities are limitless!

CAUTION: Quadro-Vicious Circle will produce a reaction like no other Linking Ring Routine in the world! Quardo Vicious Linking Rings.


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