Quarter Go Plus (Viking)


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EFFECT: A borrowed, marked coin, is placed under a hand, which is held by a spectator. (Or vanished by your favorite method).  Next a small brass bound padlocked wooden chest is introduced and placed on the table.  The hand is whisked away and the coin has VANISHED! 

The spectator unlocks the wooden box and finds his marked coin inside! But the NEW version has the magnetic PLUS added to it which enables you to do several different routines that cannot be done with a regular Lippincott box or Quarter Box.

One of the new routines with the magnetic box is that you can place the spectators quarter on the table and cover it with the box and upon lifting up the box the quarter has now vanished and when opening the box it is seen to have penetrated the box and is now inside!

This is done with the “marked” quarter as well. Other routines using the magnetic gimmick are listed PLUS you can do all of the routines that you can do with the regular magnetic box. A small piece of magic that enables you to do miracles!

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