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For the mentalist who wants to perform close-up mentalism at a high level, with almost no props and little preparation, this is a treasure trove of useful material. It’s loaded with imaginative and original routines from Jack Tillar who’s been performing for over five decades and has an award-winning career in movies, stage shows & major TV productions!

Over two dozen new performance pieces — including “Blind Premonition”, “Pendulum Perception” and “The Crystal Cube”
Five commercial effects currently selling in the Blister Magic catalog of mental magic!
Six ingenious impromptu close-up routines!
A new easy way of telling fortunes with cards!
A complete system for giving different aura or personal readings – any time, any where!
“Jack Tillar’s works prove, time and time again, he knows what to perform for real people, in the real world, and for real money. There are no pipe dreams in his books. Just really practical material you should study and put to good use. The term ‘audience tested’ takes on new meaning each time I read his creations.”
— Bruce Bernstein

“His contributions always emphasized naturalness of props and presentation . . . he “got” what knock-out and heavy-duty mentalism should look like.”
— Ken Weber President, Psychic Entertainers Association

Pages 152 – Soft Bound

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