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Here is another overlooked classic effect created by George Robinson at Viking Mfg. It might seem similar to other Okito Box type effects, but it is quite unique in effect and method. In essence the QuartOkito Coin Box is a Boston Box designed to hold a single quarter or half dollar. But there is really nothing like it and it is simpler to use than most boxes and due to the visual vanish in mid air is under less scrutiny than usual because the spectator sees the coin disappear!

The set-up is even easier 🙂 If you read the instructions first and read how to do “the move” – it is not really a sleight because you don’t really do anything in secret and it is not the same as the normal Okito turnover move because it is all covered by picking up the lid – you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy this is to do right in front of them. Watch the video and it should be clear how smooth this is (I hope!). play with this for a ten minutes you will very quickly see how effective and easy to perform this is.

When it comes to the vanish what is particularly effective is that the coin that the spectator thinks they signed can be seen right up to the second it vanishes instantly in front of their noses. Why this is important is that there is no heat on the switch into the box or tube that the coin reappears in, and the spectator swears that the coin was still in the box after you hand them the Lippincott box (which is supplied separately).

Effect: The performer begins by borrowing a 25 cent piece from a spectator. The coin is labeled on both sides with a white paper sticker. Performer initials one side of the coin, spectator the other. The doubly marked coin is now placed into a very thin brass box and covered with a lid. The lid has a hole bored through it, so the marked coin is still visible at all times. Next, the performer removes a ‘heavy brass pill box from his pocket (or a ‘padlocked wooden chest), which is handed to the spectator for safekeeping. The performer brings attention to the brass box containing the marked coin, still visible throughout the performance. The lid is removed and the box allowed to fall into the performer’s waiting hand …

THE MARKED COIN HAS VANISHED IN MID-AIR! The little brass box is shown unmistakably empty, as well as the performers hands. Now, the spectator is asked to open the heavy brass pillbox, and is surprised to find another similar box inside. This is opened to reveal another and then yet another small brass box.

Finally, the last box is opened and to everyone’s amazement, the original marked coin is found inside! (a similar outcome can be had using the small wooden chest). Remember that the coin is marked and is in sight throughout the routine, yet it appears in the spectator’s hands. Magician never touches the brass nest or wooden chest after it is given to the spectator.

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin – www.martinsmagic.com

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