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Dr. C’s Q & A (Exclusive). Dr. C has produced the perfect method for Question and Answers (also known as “Q and A”).  Crafted by Louie Gaynor – so you know it’s good!

With respects to U.F. Grant who devised this ingenious method back in the 1950s which he called “Ment-O-Flex,” (with permission from MAK Magic and authorized by the family of U.F. Grant). A complete one person dynamic act of “Questions and Answers” guaranteed to entertain. This unit delivers instantly to the mentalist all secret questions written by the spectators. The performer then can give an answer, however he likes, to the spectator’s question. People love to hear answers to their personal questions. You have them right at your fingertips!

Dr. “Q” would enjoy this one! Perforated cards are handed out and spectators are asked to write their questions on the blank side. The cards are separated and the questions are collected by a spectator and dropped into the “Question” Box. The performer never sees the questions as the spectator locks them into the “Question” Box. Numbers are collected and tossed into the other box. Performer pulls a number and the mentalism begins! • No Electronics, • No Stooges, • No Sleights, • No Assistant Necessary, • No Impression Devices, • Diabolic Method, • Simple and Easy, • Sized for Stage or Parlor, • Perfect for Intimate Settings

The quality of this unit is exceptional – made from solid walnut, NOT Plywood.  It is as good as you could ever expect in every aspect – we put our reputation on it.

BONUS! Comes with free Richard Webster’s book, to help the fine tuning for Cold Reading ($37.50 value). Read this book and you have a complete act! Give a quick 15-20 minute reading to a small group or entertain a theater-full for an hour. The bookings and income are waiting for you! Custom made exclusively for us by master craftsman, Louis Gaynor. Handcrafted of solid walnut (no plywood) with an elegant hand rubbed finish and brass hardware. For the performer who demands the very best quality! Complete with instructions, free book and custom printed numbered, perforated cards.

Additional Refill Perforated Cards are also available from Stevens Magic.

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