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We can’t help but to think of our dear friend Finn Jon! – Joe Stevens 

Revolutionary tool that allows the magician who wants to make bubbles in her routine, not to have to bring a table, the container with the liquid and the tube on stage. Easy to conceal and carry in the jacket thanks to the charger provided and make an appearance of the tube always ready to make bubbles.

It has an internal liquid feeding system that produces up to 100 bubbles without wetting. An indispensable tool!

We strongly believe that the product will sell well, not only for its originality and its practicality but also for the support of many fellow magicians, such as Juan Pablo, Rubén Vilagrand, Carlos Adriano, etc.

• Quick Bubble wand.
• Charger.
• Solid and realistic plastic fake bubble.
• A link to video explanation.

NOTE: The Bubble wand can be gold or black (you can’t choose).

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