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A COMPLETE Laugh-Riot with a Live Rabbit and a Great Magic Routine! This is an all-Time Favorite effect for kids and adults alike that packs a shocking climax!

Traditional Sample Effect: (See alternative routines favored by SME below). Show a real live rabbit while on stage and explain that, “Mr. Rabbit is so hard to carry to each and every magic show. ” “If Mr. Rabbit was easier to carry to shows he’d be a Hollywood star. Display the Rabbit Wringer box that has a crank on the side and rollers on the front. You aren’t exactly sure what this crank does? Lift the lid on the top and put Mr. Rabbit inside. You turn the crank on the side of the box. What follows? A comical FLAT RABBIT figurine is pressed out from the rollers on the front! Mr. Rabbit is flat as a pancake! The magician then says, “Hey, now it will be a lot easier to carry him in my pocket to the next magic show!” You open the front of the box, it’s COMPLETELY EMPTY!

Of course the rabbit is unharmed and can be re-introduced in a different manner after the effect or later on in the show. Alternative creative routines are better applied where you explain your magic rabbit is a “shape shifter” capable of altering its form and shape with magic! Explain how this works exceptionally well when you both travel by airplane for a big show. In fact, your rabbit actually qualifies as “carry on luggage” when compressed with the rabbit wringer (as you explain, you crank the rollers) and WALA – carry on rabbit!

This item is constructed exceptionally well, is made in America and contains simple mechanics that are easy to perform allowing the magician to concentrate on the routine and performance without fear or concern. Creative and comical routines are best used to make sure the audience knows the rabbit is never in any danger (which of course is always the case).

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