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The classic beautiful effect as only Mel can make! Mel is the most genuine, noble and down-to-earth person you will meet.  We at Stevens Magic refer to him as “The Living Legend.”  I remember getting to know Mel personally at Stan Kramien’s Jamboree. I couldn’t imagine a better venue to get to know someone just as amazing. I also remember every year getting a box of Washington Apples at Stevens Magic from Mel’s Crop.  That’s class – that’s Mel Babcock.   When Michael Nelson told me Mel was his advisor – I knew straight away Michael was solid.  Since then we have had a lot of fun representing Michael’s Estate items.

This rainbow die box is highly coveted because of the vivid colors of the die. The bright contrast against the natural organic hardwood resonates beauty.  For the skilled collector it also communicates in code saying two words – “Mel Babcock”

EFFECT: This is a basic die box effect, but with a red die and a yellow die. The yellow and red dies are each placed into the die box, one in each of the two compartments. The first effect is that they change places. Secondly, they both vanish from the box, only to be reproduced as a blue die and a green die.

A few of these were made by Thayer years ago (Albo series Vol. 2, pages 17 and 18). The Magic House of Babcock has added contrasting wood panels on the front doors and ends of the box. Joe Stevens and Twin Cities Magic have featured this on their Die Box DVD.

IMPORTANT: Please Note Estate Items Do Not Qualify For Any SME Coupons.  While it may accept the coupon on checkout, we can’t honor it per our agreement with the owner of this estate.

Condition:  MINT – designated by Professor Bill Trotter himself on 11/30/2022

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