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Thoughts On The Art Of Mentalism By Andrew Leviss In his uniquely casual style, mentalist, Andrew Leviss shares insight into some of the most important aspects in the field of mentalism. From choosing material to deciding how to present it, interacting with audience members to how to answer challenges, Andy addresses some of the most important, yet often overlooked factors in becoming a successful mentalist. Rather than just offering a formula to follow, Andy poses questions that every mentalist should ask themselves. He suggests some possible answers, but leaves it to you to make the final choices which best suit you.

There’s no easy way to become a great mentalist, but with Andy’s advice you’ll definitely gain the upper hand in your journey! Readers of the on-line magazine, Visions, have been raving over Andy’s “Shared Thoughts” column since August 2000, writing time and again to praise his insightful advice and casual, conversational writing. In addition to a number of brand new, never before published essays, Andy’s gone back and re-edited, revised and in some cases totally rewritten all of the “Shared Thoughts” columns to date and included them in this book. If you’ve never read them before, this is a great way to catch them all in one place. If you have, you’ll definitely want to see Andy’s latest takes on these subjects. If you’ve ever even considered doing mentalism, then this book is for you.

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