Rand Woodbury Live, Volume 1 (DVD)


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Rand Woodbury is one of our favorite illusionists! He remains active and constantly evolving year-after-year and now you can get a peek at one of his wonderful live shows! Without the aid of television exposure, over the past 18 years Rand Woodbury has entertained over three and a half million people! If there has been one question asked of Rand, time after time, it is, “Can I get a video of your show?” For the longest time Mr. Woodbury has politely refused – now after 21 years, Rand has finally agreed to a DVD series of his live performances. These new DVD’s are part of a new line of products from one of the leading companies involved with illusions, ideas,inspiration and illusionworks. Seen here on “Rand Woodbury Live:” You’ll get to see why this man is not just a magician, but an entertainer first! You’ll see effects from Rand’s first book – illusionworks. You’ll be allowed access to a man who illustrations, animation and excitement on stage is second to none. You’ll fee what it must have been like to be sitting in a chair that night of the performance. That energy does come through and spills out on to your TV screen. “Woodbury makes his audience want to take that ride and have fun. Rand delivers … and the audience loves him for it! “This is a great opportunity for any performer to study the intricate and oh so important details that make up a successful total performance.”  –Mark Stevens This DVD features, The Live Show, Two Interviews, and Bonus Illusion and seven extra’s in ALL. All available for the great price!

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