Rare Autographed Playing Cards Collection

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Rare Autographed Playing cards from the 1930’s up! A list of 96 magicians playing cards all autographed by the “Magi.” This is emphemera defined!  Including just some of the list below;

  • Herman Hanson
  • Slydini
  • Percy Abbott
  • Doug Henning
  • Charles Cambry
  • Nardini
  • Andre Kole
  • Joe Berg
  • Joe Karson
  • H. Adrian Smith
  • Montaque
  • Jack Chanin
  • S.S. Henry
  • Blackstone
  • Sr.Tess Holden
  • Tom Osborne
  • Sam Berland
  • Ben Small
  • Bert Easley
  • Tony Kardyro
  • Lu Brent
  • Bob Gill
  • Jay Marshall
  • Dell O’ Dell
  • Hen Fetsch
  • Jay Vincent
  • Paul Scarne
  • Julian Proskauer
  • Sherman Ripley
  • Lee Noble
  • Chet Riley

(And 60 more signed autographed cards!)

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