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‘This is some of the most enjoyable mentalism I have ever read or tried. All of Scott’s books are to be savored and used. 5-star material, easily adaptable to anyone’s style. If occasional math frightens you, don’t let it — he holds your hand — and makes it as easy as 1 plus 1. I don’t know where Scott St. Clair has been all my life, but I am glad he is in it now. His material is very highly recommended, and used, by me.’ – Marc Salem

Scott St Clair is definitely “cooking” after his successful release of BloodSucker, the book-test that has become the 2nd all time selling book-test at Stevens Magic behind MOABT.  And also his previous Ratoon Vol. #1. which had an equally strong reception, he has released Ratoon Vol. #2.    Scott  has the respect of many of his peers who have provided testimonials including but not limited to Steve Drury, Neil Scryer, Marc Salem, Luca Volpe and others.  We at Stevens Magic have an affinity to recognize a prolific mind when we see it – Scott St Clair has it!

Ratoon 2 features more of Scott’s actual performance pieces – nine effects, six based around numbers and on essay. These effects are ALL suitable for the ‘real world’ and are simple and direct in approach.  There are no pipe-dreams, this is all workable mentalism.

Included in Volume 2:

  • NIPPIN —a double number routine.
  • Logo —an effect based on a popular brand logo.
  • M4trimony —a very unusual ‘match-up” effect.
  • Calendoku3 —a follow-up to Calendoko (featured in Ratoon Vol. #1).
  • Tri-Psy – a very interesting ‘Tarot’ effect where you display your abilities three times over!
  • Testify —a book test with a twist, using an ungimmicked book.
  • nCode —an amazing, hard-hitting PIN divination with a a difference.
  • Fauxtography – a photograph of psychic ‘energy’ – on a spectator’s LOCKED phone (whilst in their possession)!
  • Papa – a story telling effect that leaves your spectators speechless.

“Scott has the synapse necessary to understand what makes mentalism powerful… He acutely understands the power and know-how to make a connection. His thought process is calculated in a beautiful way from someone in the art that has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of mentalism. My prediction – his rise will continue for a long time.” Neal Scryer.

Hi Mark – As part of PSYCRETS, I obviously come across some great underground talent, and wanted to give you a “head up” about Scott St Clair” – Steve Drury. 

“I believe Scott’s work opens new dimensions for the Mentalist and every serious entertainer. Buy and savor it. 5-stars.” – Marc Salem 

“I’ve been purchasing unique exclusive magic for almost 40 years from Stevens Magic Emporium. I own every volume of The Greater Magic Library and always thought that series was the ultimate secret exclusive weapon. It was Joe Stevens who turned me onto Meir Yedid’s classic great WOW BOOK TEST which I have used for years to fool the big mouth know it all’s. I own dozens of of book tests and just received Scott St Clair”s Bloodsucker Book Test and in one word WOW! This is a great book test -stop reading this-and order it NOW!” As such I highly endorse Scott St. Clair – Harvey Leeds

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