Raxons Mental Mystery


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Another winner from Harold Voit!  Don’t pass this up if you are into mentalism effects.  I’ve never seen this principle before and to me, it’s completely different and NEW!  Outstanding psychological mentalism.  Easy to perform.  Simplicity at it’s best.  Harold told me this was a winner and he was right again!

  • No Electronics! 
  • No Mirrors! 
  • No Impression Principles!
  • No Gimmick Slates!

It is all performed with the simplest of things.  A deck of all white plastic cards, blank on both sides, which the spectators can write their questions, names, numbers or whatever on!  Cards are mixed up and placed into its box—The Mentalist takes one card from the stack to write his reply and IMMEDIATELY acquires all of the information that was written by the spectator at ONCE!  Quick and easy access to the information.  It works itself for you and all you need is a little showmanship in delivering your answer and you could start a cult with this item!

“I’ve been a fan of mentalism for years and years and I promise you that you will marvel and enjoy at this effect whether you do it for friends or a large audience.  Don’t let the price turn you negative.  IF you are a working PRO you will understand and enjoy.  Again, you get the information in less than five seconds.  Believe it!  I venture to say that the mentalists working the world are not familiar with this effect.”  —Joe Stevens

 Note: Please be sure to read instructions and any important tips included with the product.

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