Ray Bradbury Large #20 of 150 Suspension Illusion

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If you wish to BID on this item e-mail: [email protected]   In the subject window – type: Bradbury.   Final Bidding March 15th 11:59 CDT! Closed Auction.


If there were 150 of them made, I’d be surprised!  I’m not saying it’s not possible, only that we had a difficult time locating any others from this and another larger molded Ray Bradbury limited edition series.  This is a robust piece that demands attention.  This is number #020 of the supposed 150 models casted.

It measures 22 1/2″ tall by 17″ (as it’s widest point).  Of course the images featured or of the genuine article that will be offered. At this time we are not placing a purchase price for these items.  That may change in the future or we may opt for auction type of option.  There is only one available. Condition Very Good.  There are some scuff marks on the wood base and some friction marks where the swords are inserted into their respective holes. 

Yes, this isn’t something that will allow you to mesmerize audiences with your skill or routining which is the case with most of the articles that we sell, but make no mistake while it probably is limited to a smaller segment of magic enthusiast or performer it has tremendous value.  For those who are interested in have ambience pieces this fits that bill perfectly.  If on the other hand thankfully as of this writing we are past the COVID restrictions and parlor magic venues are coming back with force – this is yet another fitting purpose for this piece.

Any seasoned performer understand the value of creating ambience.  It satisfies the same type of need for the spectators’ as a good routine does for an effect. Incorporation of unique elements fused together by a savvy  producer is and essential ingredient for success.

This item WILL required additional shipping and packaging cost above and beyond the sale price or any estimated shipping price.  A third party packaging and shipping company may also be required.

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