Ray Bradbury UK Limited Edition Card Fan Pewter #18 of 250 pieces – Stevens ESTATE


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#018 of #250 Limited Very Low Number in Series. – Condition: Just Like NEW

Many years back we offered many of Ray Bradbury’s the art of magic series in pewter and resin poly.  They captured some classic of the art and incredibly have appreciated better than most products in the art at that time.  The variation of this line was extensive including some large figures of illusions reenactments, to various sizes of resin castings.

These are picture frames that comes with high quality fold out stands for tables or of course they can just be hung on a wall or inside a showcase (either standing or attached).  This frame is substantially more elaborative and more heavy duty than the ones we are also offering from the QE2 Repro Magic Cruise of 1994.  This piece on the back has and added feature which allows you to be able to stand it on a stable. This is a high quality feature that was added I believe as it is not permanently affixed to the back of the frame but is secured with tape.  This frame therefore could be showcased on a table or desk or also if desired hung on a wall. It measures 7″ tall by 5″ wide.

It features a 3 dimensional pewter sculpture of two hands distanced with flowing pewter cards falling from the top hand and landing on the bottom hand.  Beautiful attention to detail – tough to sell truthfully as it is such a powerful element of ambience.  As someone that has been in magic all my life – I well understand the power of ambience pieces.    They were a limited edition to only 100 and this offering is: #018 of #250.  Photo shown is of actual article being offered.

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