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We are pleased to join with Egelo Magic – Norway, in presenting this exciting new card miracle —Exclusively— in conjunction with Guilherme Curty!

Razor Card – A Tribute To Brazilian Magician – Varone!

Spectator chooses a card from a regular deck of cards and signs it. The card and deck are placed into the card case and also a “double edge razor blade” is then dropped into the case. The card case, with cards, is then shaken vigorously and the deck of cards is taken out, the chosen card has been cut into pieces and the pieces fall out separately! The spectator is then asked to put the pieces together, ala puzzle method. When the card pieces are placed together, it is the chosen card!

BUT WAIT… For the fantastic climax! The card pieces are turned over and “Lo and Behold” the spectator’s signature is on the backside of the card!

Original magic is very hard to find! While there have been a few previous razor card type effects, nothing we have ever witnessed or researched comes even close to the dynamic and awe-inspiring real magic as Guilherme Curty’s Razor Card.

You will marvel at its secret! Your audience will truly be amazed! You will present a card effect entirely different than most all others! If you perform card miracles or enjoy the secrets of card magic, then THIS EFFECT IS FOR YOU!

• No Trick Deck

• No Palming

• No Switching

• Safe To Perform

• Signed Card Can Be Given To Spectator

• This Is Not Just Another Card Trick

I just received the Razor Card, and I enjoyed it very much. The DVD is very well done, the instructions are clear and direct, and the gimmick very well made​​.  A strong and unique effect that I rejoice to meet again after so many years, a wonderful tribute to the master Varone!- Bravo! Fabrini

“Guilherme Curty’s Razor Card is evolutionary and revolutionary. That is, it takes a unique plot and develops its puzzling components and dramatically changes how the plot entertainingly plays and stays in the minds of lay audiences.” Jon Racherbaumer

I have seen and tried out many card effects during my career. Several of them I have had to give up because I could not master them well enough. Guilherme’s Razor Card is however a very good and convincing effect above the crowd. Specially the end, where the spectator’s card has been cut up into pieces. And that the spectator itself can put the pieces together, and that it is the spectator’s signed card in question through the whole routine. This effect is my new favorite! Tommy Chrissell



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