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For the gambling aficionado, of which there are a good number of you in the magic world – this is something very hard to find and in a quality that is unbeatable!  Sold for ENTERTAINMENT and EXPOSE purposes ONLY!

… You just rolled 29! Pick another prize on the top shelf and we’ll add it to your pile! Remember: The Only Way You Can Lose, Is To Walk Away!  Crafted by Louie Gaynor – So you KNOW it’s damn good!

The greatest “con game” ever! It is the only game to be banned in the entire world! A long time favorite at carnivals and fairs! The game has no peers, when it comes to hustling money from the sucker! We are proud to be able to offer this item to the world of magic. This is for entertainment purposes only! Long unobtainable! A well kept secret for ages with the carnies.

Approx. Dimensions:  2 1/2″ Deep – 15″ Tall – 13″ Wide  

Three Card Monte (tossing the Queen), Fast & Loose, and the 3 Shell Game cannot compare with the Razzle Dazzle Game. The game requires NO sleights and NO gimmicks. It’s all dependent on tossing marbles out of a cup, and where they land in holes on a board. Each hole has a number; you add the numbers up (where they landed) to reach a total—get enough points and you win a prize! Of course, attractive and expensive prizes are displayed! A wonderful demonstration at trade shows, not to mention the fun at your shows and friends’ parties.

The unit made with care and attention by a true craftsman, from Walnut and Maple woods. Take a look at the additional photos to truly appreciate the attention to detail and quality.  It’s portable, precision made and very durable. Comes with cups, marbles and a heavy-duty numbered score unit (see additinoal photos), along with at least one laminated score card.  We also provide you with (Special Thanks to Bill Taylor) a download (available post purchase) of the score card so you can have it for future reference if you choose to make back ups.

Simple and easy to perform. Perfect for lectures on gambling secrets for fraternal and social groups. Excellent for trade show work: “They may lose at the game… but will never lose with (name of your sponsor).”

BONUS: Updated Laminated Color Score Card now included thanks Bill Taylor (Magic Collector). 

Note: This is a custom made prop, professionally fabricated in limited quantity.  Please note subtle variations can occur between different manufacturing runs.  IMPORTANT: The handle no longer comes with the unit.  The images provided here may vary depending on the production run – what will NOT vary is the quality of the unit.   The images here are primarily for illustrations ONLY!  They include images from various production runs.

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4 reviews for Razzle Dazzle Game

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Okay I have looked for one of these for the past 2 years… and FINALLY found one that is exactly like the ‘originals’ that carnie cheats used years ago.. This is a QUALITY piece ALL IN WOOD… no molded crappy plastic on the marble tray… actual WOOD giving it the authentic look and feel. NO ONE knows about this SCAM so it’s FUN to slap a couple $100 Bills down at a party and PLAY with your guests. (I always give the money back .. wink wink – and so should you) – This is a TRUE collectors item and worth EVERY PENNY. Thanks for this awesome find!

  2. joelibbyventandmagic (verified owner)

    I have a great interest in cons, scams, and swindles, so I’m naturally interested in the Razzle Dazzle. As I write this, I am waiting for the accessories package, which is coming as a separate shipment. But I have the Razzle Dazzle board, and it is a thing of beauty. It is beautifully constructed and made to last. It’s well worth the money for anyone interested in carnival games and gambling scams.

  3. razzledazzleplayer

    Thats a real nice lookin joint, but real flatties use red marbles.Ive used other colors but noting compares to those big red beauties staring back at a mark.

  4. Sal (verified owner)

    A real beauty. Well made, lots of fun, and very impressive for my gambling and scam show. Expensive, but something people rarely get to see. All in all, it’s worth every penny if you have a use for it.

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