Reaction Ad Libs (Darwin) (DVD)


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Featuring Gary Darwin. As a live entertainer, you face a never-ending barrage of technical difficulties, interruptions and stuff just generally going wrong while the spotlight is on you! But that doesn’t mean you have to lose your cool, being a true professional means knowing how to handle any situation you’re presented with so that no matter what happens the audience gets their money’s worth and more. Gary Darwin is famous for having the perfect response for any situation. His audiences think that’s because he’s an incredible ad-lib artist, and that’ true…but it’s not the whole truth. The whole truth is that Darwin and other top professionals plan for these situations and practice their responses ahead of time. That way they just have to pick the right line, when the pressure is on and the unexpected happens. For this incredible new course Darwin has assembled a live and very vocal audience of top professional Magicians, MCs, Jugglers, Ventriloquists and Comedians to help contribute the one-liners that have worked for them in close-up, stand-up and on stage. What results is a free-for-all in which Darwin and company cover a ton of material, heckle and get heckled, trade advice (and insults) and everyone has a good laugh.

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