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Real Secrets TOO, is Adam Milgate’s second book. His first book primarily focused on marketing and promotion and is still available today. Real Secrets TOO, provides what magician’s want most—awe inspiring powerful routines and effects.

Make no mistake Adam delivers. Whether you’re a hobbyist or performer, the key to powerful magic is routines. It is the creative process that makes a lasting impression.

The ole’ saying it’s not “what” you do, but “how” you do it—is profound. Adam is the rare talent that has mastered the essential ingredients necessary to prove this point. But his talents exceed beyond, with his ability to teach the tricks, techniques and routines he has learned through his lifetime of performing.

Every day we get phone calls from customers and the two most popular questions are: Do you have any good effects, you can recommend and/or can you help me to create powerful routines?

I admire their question because it shows they understand the true essence of performing. The gimmicks or effects while essential in the overall picture are not as important in the aggregate. Adam understands this all too well.

This book is a must read, regardless of your skillset, in the art of magic. I’m excited to be able to reference this book when we get these questions.

Save yourself hundreds of dollars and time with this investment— buy this book! A collection of professionally scripted tricks and routines straight
from the repertoire of a professional magician with more than 45-years experience.

This book is literally brimming with great magic and mentalism as well as advice and tips from a true worker in the art of magic and entertainment. You will learn: 16 full routine, scripted killer effects for stage, platform and close up—some of which are original, some are routines for equipment you probably already own.

Also included are five professional routines of close-up miracles, including an entire act based on Jon Allen’s Destination Box.

Learn new contemporary presentations for the Die Box, Cards Across, The Egg Bag, Six Card Repeat, Chinese Sticks and many more.

Plus you will learn how one professional approaches the Emergency Act— two full 45-minute shows—a strolling close-up act that you can hand-carry easily on airlines all over the world. This is an entire close-up act (not just card tricks) that fits into one pocket for those ‘impromptu moments, worth the price alone!

For those of you not familiar with Adam’s previous book – Real Secrets – that focuses on how to make money as a magician – see bottom of this page.

Cover graphic and conceptual artistry provided by Scott St. Clair – Mentalist and author of several exclusive products at Stevens Magic, including but not limited to, BloodSucker Book Test, Ratoon Vol. 1, & Vol. 2., and CMP (Cross My Palm).

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