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Limited Supply – First Come First Serve – From One of Magic’s Finest Minds. Limit one unit Per Customer!

From one of the most creative minds in magic.  Lubor Fielder was gifited with the talent to see things in a different perspective.  If you had to classify his work it could be done with two words – “visual illusions.” His name for those familiar with him immediately conjurs interest in any product or idea he was involved in.  This Red Hot Wire is just one example and what we love about it – is it’s small and easy to carry.  A great novelty, magic effect which shows the magician holding a jet black colored element wire, just as one would find in a hardware store. He holds this between his hands…

Suddenly, the jet black element wire through either concentration or other application APPEARS TO GLOW, SOMEHOW RECEIVING AN ELECTRICAL CHARGE IT TURNS BRIGHT RED! SO HOT!

Just as suddenly the impulses go and the wire returns to being COLD BLACK again! You will have much fun with this sweet gimmick. Several applications are possible such as the formation of a human circle where-by each person touches the shoulder of the other person standing next to them with you in the middle!

  • No Electricity
  • No Chemicals
  • No Batteries

Item comes with original Supreme instructions that provides other possible routines and suggestions. Limited Inventory!

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