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The Original Red Tape Thumb Tie By Irv Weiner! Irv Weiner was a most clever creator in magic! The Red Tape Thumb Tie was one of his best. Thumb Ties have always been popular and entertaining. A modern method of presentation of the classic thumb tie.

Two spectators are called upon to assist the performer. A roll of red adhesive tape is shown and the two tape each thumb of the performer’s hands and also tie the two thumbs tightly together. At any time the thumbs may be inspected by the helpers and the thumbs are seen to be securely taped. Yet, the magician catches hoops which penetrate the thumbs and swing onto his arm. His arms can also go through the back of a chair and even seem to melt through the loops of a pair of shears. Finally the red tape is cut away from the thumbs under the very noses of the two helpers and there is nothing to see.

You will marvel at how ingenious this effect allows you to do seeming impossible effect. Irv’s version of this classic is one of the best and so EASY to perform.

Comes complete manuscript and with all you need to perform many shows and easy to refill too! We thank Irv Weiner for such brilliant thinking. For All Types Of Audiences!

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