REF4M – Blake Vogt (Theory 11) – DVD


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It all begins with one card. It is freely selected. It is chosen. It is signed.  It is never switched, and there are no duplicates. Show your spectators the front and back. You have nothing to hide. The card is torn once, twice, again. The pieces, now destroyed, are shown. The damage has been done. What was once one is now four.

Piece by piece, part by part, you press the edges together. As they touch, they restore. It looks like real magic. It feels like real magic. It might BE real magic (Editor’s Note: it isn’t).

  • You are completely surrounded. 
  • There is NOTHING else in your hands.
  • Once complete, the card is shown front and back. 
  • All illusions must end. The card is torn, and the pieces are handed back to the spectator to keep. Forever.


As Blake’s debut release, REF4M offers a fresh, new concept to the Torn and Restored plot. It is 100% impromptu, the card can be signed, it only uses one card, and there are no duplicates. Did we mention you can perform this effect surrounded?

A ready-to-go Torn & Restored card routine at a moment’s notice. When your friend offers you a deck on the spot and tells you to perform a trick, you can instantly do REF4M – and leave them something to remember you by forever. Learn this impromptu card miracle in 38 minutes of unrivaled instruction by Blake Vogt.

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