Remote Control Card Fountain (Dave Powell)


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Product Description

Updated Motor!  Better Quality Motor component! All new Inventory! 

Spectator’s signed card is caught in midair. A card is freely selected and signed by the spectator. The magician throws the cards into a hat or box and on command the cards fly into the air. The magician reaches out and grabs one card which is then shown to the audience revealing it to be the spectator’s signed card! This effect can also be performed in conjunction with a card sword.

The possibilities are endless! The remote is only 1-inch square, ¼-inch thick and with a range of 150 feet. Shoots the cards 6-feet into the air.

With excellent attention to craftsmanship and detail – it’s exactly what you would expect from Dave Powell, and then some.  Quality component parts will make this unit last for years and stand up to the performance schedules of real “workers.”

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