Replacement Balloons for Needle Thru (52 units)


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These are the FINEST quality balloons EVER made!  Trust us – there “is” a difference! 

The highest quality replacement balloons (Needle Thru Balloon) are available at Stevens Magic. This is NOT the from the same company that most wholesalers sell.  These hare are higher premium quality balloon.  The perfect balloons for Needle Thru Balloon. You get  (52 balloons) of the crystal clear 11-inch balloons. It’s important to keep “fresh” balloons and we store our supply in a cool, dark storage area away from heat, humidity and light. Latex over time gets brittle, and the last thing you want is for your balloon to “pop” when you don’t want it too.  Get your fresh balloons!

Tip: When blowing up the balloons, always burp a little air out after you have blown it. That allows the latex to stretch and then when you remove a little air, gives you more “supple factor.” Also available in Baker’s Dozen units.

Better to STOCK up, keep these balloons in a dry, dark storage away from excessive temps. 

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