Reputation Makers by Harry Lorayne – Book


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Hardback. Good Condition.

Another great classic of card magic, the first to be self-published by Lorayne. Includes beautiful line drawing illustrations. Here you’ll find wholly original creations, as well as Lorayne’s version of Stewart James’ Further Than That, as well as Moe’s Move-A-Card. Don’t miss Lorayne’s fantastic routine, The Card Shark & The Four Gamblers- it will blow you and your audience away!

“There is a lot of hidden gems in here that cant be found elsewhere.” – Jiro


vii Foreword

11 The Card Sharp and the Four Gamblers
26 Stranger Card Faro Locator
32 Super Location
37 Further Than Further Than That
42 The Magic Eraser
50 To Catch an Ace (#1 Through #6)
63 Case Aces
79 Fourcefully
81 The Phantom Card
88 Lorayne’s Move-A-Card, A La Moe
91 Roll Your Own
97 Pseudo Memory #3
100 The Lorayne Card Spin
105 The Difference & The Sum
113 The HC Difference & Sum
115 Tally-Ho!
125 Snap! Plus
136 Half a Faro Onward
140 Circle of Light
146 Circle of Darkness
151 Lorayne’s Poker Deal #2
164 The Australian Sixes
168 Four by Four
179 Ring on Stick
187 Card to Wallet
193 The Memory Magic Square
206 Instant Magic Square
210 The Flying Kings
217 Super Interchange
234 The Pecking Bird
239 The Color-Changing Deck

Publisher: Harry Lorayne
Pages: 287
Location: New York, USA
Edited by: Harry Lorayne
Dimensions: 6″x9″
Date: 1971
Binding: hardbound

Note: Ad copy is used with permission from Andy Martin –

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