Restaurant Opener (Props and DVD) – Estate – Primi


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Cody worked restaurants for more than 10 years. During that time he developed what he considers to be the “perfect opener” for the table hopping magician.

One of the challenges of this venue is “the approach”. Just how do you approach a group of people in a restaurant? Cody realized that the opening effect must be quick, visual, and absolutely amazing!

So what is it? Basically…

The magician approaches a group at a restaurant and borrows a spoon from the table (wink / wink). The spoon is held at the fingertips and slowly (and visually) it begins to bend. Once the spoon is bent almost in half it is handed out for complete examination. The cool part is that the bent spoon matches all the other spoons on the table.

Perfect For The Restaurant Performer
A Quick, Visual, Magical Opener For Table Hopping
Easy To Do
Resets Instantly

Comes With Special Spoon and DVD Instructions

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